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Grimtech is one of the most trusted names in the pile testing in Surat, Gujarat, India. Grimtech Pvt. Ltd is engaged in offering top notch services of pile testing, Pile Integrity Testing, Dynamic Pile Testing, Static pile load testing & Cross Hole Sonic Logging in India. Our all various pile testing services are widely appreciated in the local & National market of India. We have been able to reach the height of success. Grimtech team developed the system based on experience gained from many years of service and hundreds of projects. Pile test performs pile load tests, as well as construction designing works. The main scope of our services is pile load testing, both for piles and diaphragm walls. We deliver the full package of measurements static pile load testing, dynamic pile load testing and integrity testing of concrete piles.

Pile testing service

Pile Testing company India

There is a lot of different types of piles testing in the construction & development market, many other type of piles test have been occurred in the market and still increasing due to improvement of piling technology. Driving method, type of piling machine, procedure of piling are all take into consideration in choosing type of pile.


About Pile Testing

Grimtech provides a complete range of site pile testing and pile condition reporting services to the construction industry. Pile testing services include Pile Integrity Testing – PIT, Dynamic Pile Testing – DPT & Cross Hole Sonic Logging – CHSL pile length measuring and consultancy on the capacity and serviceability of piles. We use the latest site testing equipment and analysis software to provide a fast, efficient and cost effective service.

  • Soil testing laboratory/Geotechnical investigation.
  • Static pile load test upto 2500t load in compression, pull out, lateral.
  • Dynamic load test of pile.
  • Pile integrity test using pdi.
  • Conducting ndt using ultrasonic, rebound hammer, vibration meter, rebar locator


Pile Integrity Tester'- PIT for Low Strain Integrity Testing

Pile Integrity Test - PIT performs Low Strain integrity testing, also called Sonic Echo or Pulse Ecno Testing. Pile Integrity Test - PIT may be used for auger cast-in-place (CFA) piles, drilled shafts, driven concrete piles, concrete filled pipes and timber piles. Pile Integrity Test - PIT detects potentially dangerous defects such as major cracks, necking, soil inclusions or voids and, in some situations, can determine unknown lengths of piles that support existing bridges or towers.


Pile Integrity Tester – PIT

Pile Integrity Tester - PIT gives peace of mind that a pile or shaft is free of major cracks and voids, prior to construction of the superstructure. A pile integrity test is also known as low strain dynamic test, sonic echo test, and low strain integrity test Integrity test is one of the methods for assessing the condition of piles or shafts. It is cost effective and not very time consuming.


Dynamic Pile Testing – DPT

Dynamic load testing - DPT is a cost effective alternative to conventional static load testing for a wide variety of pile types and sites. Instead of costly proof-loading with kentledge or anchor piles, the technique uses a heavy falling weight such as a piling hammer to impart a short duration impact to the pile head, whilst monitoring the pile response using temporarily attached transducers. The pile response to dynamic loading may be used to provide the foundation designer with an interpreted pile capacity, and can usually provide additional information that is difficult to obtain via static load testing.

We are specialist in following services:

  • Non-destructive testing of piles utilizing the High Strain Dynamic Pile Testing
  • Low Strain Pile Integrity Testing
  • Sonic Integrity Logging methods
  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Sound Measurement


Cross Hole Sonic Logging (CHSL)

Cross Hole Sonic Logging – CHSL is used to detect defects in concrete structures and in other solid structures such as rock or concrete-rock interfaces. Defects that may be detected using sonic logging include: honeycombing; segregation due to improper concrete placement methods, washout of cement due to groundwater flow, cracks in pile shafts due to shrinkage, inclusion of foreign material causing contamination of concrete, necking and arching of piles due to collapse of side walls during withdrawal of temporary liners.

Why you should choose to grimtech for Pile testing?

  • We are conscientious in our work and always punctual.
  • We own all necessary equipment, including reaction beams, and we organize all site works ourselves.
  • We are specialists in carrying out complex load tests of all types, providing fully engineered packages.
  • We carry out full design work in-house for load tests.
  • We use only the most modern, accurate and reliable measuring techniques and are familiar with all codes and specifications
  • We are an independent company and our results are objective and unbiased.
  • We are mobile and flexible to fully meet your needs.

Advantages of Pile Testing:

  • Designed especially for pile testing
  • Perform cross-hole sonic logging and low strain integrity testing in the same instrument.
  • Stores ultrasonic and sonic signals
  • Plot "waterfall" graphs and energy graphs if required
  • Rugged system
  • Battery operation - up to 8 hours
  • Menu driven software
  • Rugged memory - disk on chip - unlike hard disk it cannot fail
  • High quality electronics and signal processing
  • It is compact and reliable

Our Infrastructure

Our company has developed sound and sophisticated infrastructure, which is spread over an extensive area and also equipped with all the required facilities. With the help of our infrastructure unit, we have got the benefit of numerous opportunities, which keeps on emerging continuously.

Our infrastructure includes:

  • Quality Control Department
  • R & D Department
  • Store House
  • Customer Care Department
  • Administration Department

Quality Policy for Pile Testing

Quality of our services is determined by our customers not by a people in general. As our company’s main asset is quality, technology and process, so that we are conducting our task in an effective manner by using individual initiative to technology. Our company’s prime objective is to achieve total customer satisfaction, so that we always focus on quality of our services. Services offered by us are known for their exclusive features, prompt delivery and cost effectiveness.

The quality of our services is checked on different parameters:

  • Responsiveness
  • Consistency
  • Reliability

Customer Satisfaction

Our qualitative and cost effective services enable us to attain the trust and support of our valued customers. Customer centric approach has been followed by our company, which assist us to meet the desired expectations of our clients. We have established Close Communication network with our customers, so that we can easily understand their desires and make an attempt to fulfill those desires accordingly.

Why Grimtech Pvt. Ltd for Pile testing / Pile test?

We always try to suffice our customers by offering them services as per their specifications in stipulated time frame. Being quality conscious organization, we are growing as one of the foremost choice for all our customers. Moreover, Grimtech has also been able to gain a mark of respect from our customers through our high quality services.

Features of our company:

  • Service great efficiencies
  • Dedicated towards the entire project
  • Continuity in our services
  • Budget are set according to the client specification
  • Cost effective prices